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Routing tests directly to Selenium Nodes

As and when the size of a Grid farm starts increasing, you will start having to worry about a lot of things. Since the Hub is the single point of interaction for a test with an actual node on which all the browser interactions are carried out, all tests end up bumping up the network … Continue reading

Just-Ask.. An On-Demand Docker Grid

A static Grid (i.e., a hub and a fixed number of nodes) is a good start for setting up a remote execution infrastructure. But once the usage of the hub starts going up, problems start creeping up. Nodes go stale and start causing false failures for the tests and require constant maintenance (restart). Some of … Continue reading

Talk to the Grid

Today I released talk2Grid which is a simple java library that lets you do the following : Find out to which node was a test routed to ? Provide access to the Grid Hub configuration. Provide access to the Grid node configuration to which the hub routed a test to. You can start using it … Continue reading

Disabling TRACE in Selenium

I have seen this question come up at-least twice on the Selenium forums. So I thought I might as well just create a blog post which shows how TRACE call can be disabled in the Selenium Uber jar. There’s no direct way of doing it. From what I have googled around, it looks like TRACE … Continue reading

Where did my Test Run ?

Since I have seen this question come up every now and then I thought I should perhaps quickly create a post which tells you how to figure out to which Node in a Grid infrastructure did my test get routed to. So without any further adieu, here’s how you go about doing it. A few … Continue reading

Working with a custom capability matcher in the Grid

I have been wanting to share my experiences on how to go about building a custom capability matcher to the Grid2 for quite sometime but haven’t been able to find time until now. So without further adieu here’s how you go about doing it : What is a capability matcher in the Grid2 world ? … Continue reading

Building a self maintaining Grid Environment

I have been primarily involved in setting up the Grid environment for Selenium automation in my company. One of the challenges that I faced in setting up the Grid environment [ I had around 40 physical machines where nodes were being run] was maintaining the Grid environment. ┬áMost often like all java processes, the nodes … Continue reading

Setting up Grid2 and working with it!

Since setting up a grid and a webdriver node is something that I have been seeing as a Frequently Asked Question, I thought why not start off my “so-called” technical blog with that. So here’s how it can be done. I will be using a WINDOWS 7, 64 bit machine for this blog, and have … Continue reading