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Building Dynamic TestNG Suites

We have all at some point wished that we had a way wherein we could dynamically build the TestNG suite xml file based upon some parameters and still make use of built in test execution mechanisms such as maven surefire plugin to run our tests. Its very easy to build these sort of customizations if … Continue reading

Dynamic parameterization in TestNG

TestNG provides us users with two  ways in you can achieve data driven tests. You make use of the @DataProvider annotation wherein you bind your @Test method with a data source. You make use of the @Parameters annotation and have your @Test method read values from a suite xml file. There are enough blogs and documentation pages that … Continue reading

Running setup only once per Test/Suite Without Using @BeforeSuite/@BeforeTest

This is a common question that I am noticing asked by many users in the TestNG google forums and also on StackOverFlow. So instead of constantly repeating myself in all these places, I thought I should just blog it as a solution for others to refer to it. Lets say you have a scenario wherein … Continue reading

Routing tests directly to Selenium Nodes

As and when the size of a Grid farm starts increasing, you will start having to worry about a lot of things. Since the Hub is the single point of interaction for a test with an actual node on which all the browser interactions are carried out, all tests end up bumping up the network … Continue reading

Just-Ask.. An On-Demand Docker Grid

A static Grid (i.e., a hub and a fixed number of nodes) is a good start for setting up a remote execution infrastructure. But once the usage of the hub starts going up, problems start creeping up. Nodes go stale and start causing false failures for the tests and require constant maintenance (restart). Some of … Continue reading

Talk to the Grid

Today I released talk2Grid which is a simple java library that lets you do the following : Find out to which node was a test routed to ? Provide access to the Grid Hub configuration. Provide access to the Grid node configuration to which the hub routed a test to. You can start using it … Continue reading

Simple Se – Page Objects – My first OSS contribution

Its been quite a while since I have been doing bits and pieces of deliveries here and there, contributing to TestNG both via pull requests and also on the mailer list and the same with Selenium as well (although I must admit I dont have too many contributions on Selenium), I have always wanted to … Continue reading

Dears Listeners…stand in Q please

Yes, you read the title right.. but I was not hinting at you the readers.. but I was referring to the TestNG listeners . We have all at some point or the other wondered.. what if I could have my listeners follow some order when they are being executed by TestNG. I too wondered this. There … Continue reading

Testcase specific logs for a Selenium project

Problem statement: You would like to have a separate log file for every testcase so that if there are failures, its very easy for you to be able to debug and find out failures. For going through this, I am going to be using a selenium based test as an example. Selenium has a webdriver … Continue reading

Understanding PageFactory

I recently spent some time building some customisation around PageFactory. That was when I thought that maybe there is a need to explain PageFactory in detail apart from the user facing documentation that is available on the Selenium wiki page. The concept of PageFactory within the Selenium libraries consists of the following components : PageFactory … Continue reading