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Just-Ask.. An On-Demand Docker Grid

A static Grid (i.e., a hub and a fixed number of nodes) is a good start for setting up a remote execution infrastructure. But once the usage of the hub starts going up, problems start creeping up. Nodes go stale and start causing false failures for the tests and require constant maintenance (restart). Some of it can be solved by embedding a “self healing” mechanism into the hub, but when it comes to scaling the Grid infrastructure this also does not help a lot.

With all this in mind, I spent sometime creating “Just ask”.
“Just ask” is an on-demand grid, wherein there are no fixed nodes attached to the grid. As and when tests make hit the hub, a node is spun off, the test is routed to the node and after usage the node is cleaned up.

The on-demand node can be a docker container that hosts a selenium node.

Read more about it here



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